UN Summer Academy
UN Agenda 2030 -Health

Bonn, Germany 2019.

piše doc.prim.dr.sc. NIKICA DARABOŠ

This week I am participating at the UN Summer Academy in the UN Centar in Bonn, Germany.

The UN Academy provides an exclusive opportunity for a dialog with professionals and thought leaders in Health and other systems who are currently working towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on a daily basis.

UN Round tables

The Academy combines academic rigour with cutting-edge thinking, builds on renowned faculty and is open to professionals from Health and other sectors. Among 50 selected representatives from all over the world I have a privilege and opportunity for interactive learning and networking with the most qualitative UN Health professionals.

UN Agenda 2030

WHO information about achieved global results of UN Agenda 2030 are very interesting. Despite huge financial investments during the recent years, only partial improvement was achieved towards the goal of reducing the percentages of neonatal death and number of Malaria and Tuberculosis infected population, while the percentages of HIV infected population increased.

UN Centar Bonn

Simultaneously, the number of deaths caused by injuries from traffic accidents increased significantly. According to these statistics, the problem of proper possibilities for medical treatment of traffic injuries reached far beyond borders of the standard health issue and it encaptures other fields of society’s spheres (car industry, traffic and road construction etc).

UN licence

The most significant information is that the continuous progression of the lack of health professionals’ is spreading all over the world. This leads to unequal access to health services, even in some regions of wealthy and highly developed countries. Having the similar situation in Croatia, it seems as the worst scenario of “closed circle”, where the natural migration of the domestic health workforce leads to unsustainable functioning of national health systems, which is the case in many countries.

Europe & Africa in UN

Upon successfully completing this highly demanding and positively fulfilled working week in UN I will try to transfer new knowledge and experience to my Croatian colleagues and use it for my work in Croatian health diplomacy

UN Agenda 2030 - 17 SDGs as 17 connected water containers

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