My Role in the Croatian Rotary Diplomacy

Varaždin, Croatia 2019. NIKICA DARABOŠ

My role as the coordinator of the Inter Country Committee at the District 1913 Croatia Rotary International has finished. It was a quite remarkable period of my Rotarian life, fullfiled with wide experience in leadership, diplomacy, projects managment and team building processes.

During the three years of my mandate Croatian Rotarians had a lot of international activities. We continued, reactivated or established 14 different InterCountry Committees: Austria, Germany, Israel, France, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina.

After we have established the ICC coordination with members from most of Rotary clubs in Croatia, we have organized 4 regional ICC meetings, starting in Varazdin, Osijek, Rijeka and Biograd na moru.

Biograd na moru

and many ICC presentations in a wish to spread the ICC idea among Croatian Rotarians.

Upon the international ICC Round Table in Bol on the island of Brac

ICC round table, Bol na Braču

we have organized 3 inter-regional meetings based on the topics “Drava, Sava and Danube – rivers that connect and seperate us” in Ptuj with Slovenian friends

Ptuj, Slovenia

in Sremska Mitrovica with Serbian Rotarians and in Staro Petrovo Selo with Bosnian Rotarians

Sremska Mitrovica, Srbija
Staro Petrovo Selo, BIH

Meanwhile, as the national coordinator of very proactive Croatian ICC I had a priviledge to present the topic “Our ICC Strategy and KnowHow” and become the member of ICC Executive Council at the General ICC Conference in Warsaw, Poland in April 2018

Warsaw, Poland
Presenting in Warsava, Poland

At the end of my leader’s role we successfully held the ICC Forum “Scaling up the Understanding – Where Will ICC on Sustainable Usage of Water Take Us?”, during this year’s District 1913 Conference in Pula, Croatia

ICC Forum in Pula, Croatia

We addressed the future of water together with help from John Germ (PRIP and current Rotary Foundation Commissioner), who reminded us of Kofi Annan’s warning that the water issues contain the seeds of fierce national conflicts.

Furthermore, we hosted Cos Ovidiu, Chair of ICC Executive Council, Peter Adler, District 1910 Governor 2020/21, Peter Slavik, District 2240 Governor 2018/19, Otakar Vesely, ICC National Coordinator, Vladimir Matić District 2483 Governor and Daniko Ljevanić, District 2483 Governor Nominee.

Today, at the end of my mandate as the leader of the Croatian ICC coordination I am satisfied with all achieved. Future will show if it was worth it.

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