Live at the Croatian National Television broadcast „Dijagnoza“

Zagreb, Hrvatska 2019.


Recently, Croatian National Television broadcast „Dijagnoza“ visited my ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) team in the Clinical Hospital Zagreb. With a live talk about the new features of our treatment in the bone and joint surgery, the broadcast was focused at the new possibilities of ERAS treatment in Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Patients who underwent hip fracture operations have higher morbidity and mortality rates and a higher prevalence of delirium than the national average.

ERAS is a multimodal, multidisciplinary approach to the care of the surgical patient. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery process implementation at my Department for Traumatology, Bone and Joint Surgery at the Clinical Hospital Zagreb involves a team consisting of orthopedic and trauma surgeon, anesthetist, psychiatrist, radiologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, physiatrist and physiotherapist, nurses and social worker.

Implementation of ERAS programs results in major evidence-based care improvements in clinical outcomes and cost, making ERAS an important example of value-based care applied to surgery. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery approach for hip fracture operations allows patients to return home faster and get back to normal activities sooner. When used in such high-risk surgical patients, a modified enhanced care recovery approach lowers mortality rates, reduces hospital stays, and results in fewer complications following hip fracture operations. Audit of process compliance and patient outcomes are important features.

Department for Traumatology, Bone and Joint Surgery at the Clinical Hospital Zagreb started a project with ERAS implementation in operated patients for hip fracture. Preliminary results confirmed our hypothesis about the over all improvement in the surgical treatment outcome of patients who underwent hip fracture operations.


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