How much are we suited for changes?

Zagreb, Croatia 2020.

reporting dr. Nikica Daraboš
Turning a new career page is an invaluable experience. Bravery, risk and experience are the most important – it is the motto of life. Every change brings something new, especially in this year of life anniversaries. But experience, knowledge and empathy for the needy are the fundamentals of the medical profession and quality health service.
Although my beginning in 2020 was marked by the publication of a five-year work of an international group of top experts in orthopedics and traumatology in the KSSTA journal, in the preparation of which I personally participated in “Management of traumatic meniscus tears. The 2019 ESSKA Meniscus Consensus” new life opportunities opened the door.

This was indicated by the parallel publication of my first scientific paper in the field of social sciences, diplomacy and public health „International Medical Knowledge Transfer as a Tool of Public Diplomacy: The Case of Croatia“ in the journal Croatian Political Science Review.

The World Health Organization and its center in Geneva, Switzerland was a new challenge.
The sudden onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the extremely extensive engagement in the work of the WHO EU Coordination of Member States soon showed that my decision was the right one.

However, when colleagues from the International Institute for Health asked me to participate in a project to spread knowledge about news from my medical profession, I readily responded to the challenge. The result of our collaboration is a dozen IIFHI educational video clips.

Through lifelong education, dissemination and application of newly acquired knowledge in connection with modern methods of treatment, we enrich medicine in the most vital, professional part of its implementation.

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