Do not use a gap between hope and knowledge


The traditional annual meeting of the AAOS American academy of orthopedic surgeons is an opportunity to get to know about the newest diagnostic and therapeutic accomplishments, pharmaceutical news, and to exchange experiences with some of the utmost experts in the field of orthopedics and traumatology. As an international member of AAOS I attended this year’s annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Doc. Daraboš and dr. Sečan at AAOS meeting in Las Vegas, NV

Along with 5000 others, I participated  in group presentations as well as independent group discussions and workshops.

Dr. Daraboš participated in various discussions

I was most interested in topics of regenerative orthopedics and sport traumatology, surgical implantation techniques of artificial joints, knees and shoulders and possible impacts on the patient post surgical recovery process.

"Case Report" workshops - ankle joint prosthesis

Notwithstanding the fact that we are behind the current world trends in basic research in orthopedics and trauma, it is our duty to transfer the newly found knowledge to our country in our patient treatment.

Keeping up with trends in the pharmaceutical industry, orthopedics and traumatology

During the annual meeting I had the opportunity to meet my colleague and friend, as well as world known expert in regenerative orthopedics, professor Rodeo Scott from the Hospital for Special Surgery HSS  In New York who, back in 2013, hosted the legendary four member team of the AOSSM – ESSKA fellowship.

With prof. Jo Hannafin, chairman of AOSSM & prof. Rodeo Scott

Thus, I was particularly impressed by his message at the end of the presentation: the Prayer of Sport Orthobioligic Doctor: “Do not use a gap between hope and knowledge”.

The Prayer of Sport Orthobioligic Doctor

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