2019 World Health Summit in Berlin

Berlin, Germany 2019.

doc.prim.dr.sc. NIKICA DARABOŠ

I attended the truly excellent World Health Summit in Berlin, Germany, which brought together numerous health professionals, WHO representatives and health ministers from around the world.

Berlin, Germany

World health leaders have discussed the global availability of modern medical technology and knowledge and the simultaneous problem of unavailability of healthcare at the local level.

A very inspirational speech was delivered by German Health Minister Jens Spahn, announcing that the global digitalization of health would be a focus of interest during their EU presidency in the second half of 2020. Also of interest was the approval by the auditorium of its confirmation of the introduction of the mandatory vaccination against measles in Germany.

Jens Spahn

Such a firm stance is crucial, especially today, both in Croatia and globally, to successfully implement prevention and eradicate infectious diseases.

Through a mutual discussion on global health priorities, I presented to several WHO members the Croatian EU Presidency, which is happening next year, and the tradition of prof. Andrija Stampar at the WHO, believing that this kind of networking is imperative for promising positive cooperation.

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